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The Core Acupuncture & Wellness. Natural Healing to Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body and Soul

Hands-on therapies and acupuncture have long been recognized by the World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health as a treatment for multiple and varied health concerns.

I personally believe in the transformative power of combining ancient wisdom with modern technology in wellness.

As such, I was particularly pleased to learn of a local practice dedicated to a true holistic approach to healthcare – one that incorporates acupuncture and other modalities to provide comprehensive treatment options tailored to meet the diverse needs of its patients.

In the hands of Dr. Jae Y. Huh, Doctor of Acupuncture and founder of The Core Acupuncture & Wellness in Huntington Beach, the commitment to achieving optimal health naturally through the synthesis of ancient and modern isn’t just possible, it is essential.

Dr. Huh and his team of highly skilled professionals have vast experience in the field of Oriental Medicine, each with their own area of specialization including digestive problems, emotional and psychological issues, women’s health and pain management for conditions ranging from peripheral neuropathy, TMJ, back pain and fibromyalgia to generalized stress, low circulation and anxiety.

An esteemed Eastern doctor in Korea, his grandfather’s dedication to holistic healing inspired Dr. Huh to pursue a career in acupuncture and Eastern medicine. A graduate of Dongguk University and recipient of an externship at the University of Southern California (USC), Dr. Huh earned advanced degrees and certifications in the study of acupuncture and related modalities.

“Practicing in clinical settings has refined my skills and deepened my understanding of holistic healthcare,” he says. “My journey into this field was inspired by my grandfather, but I have enjoyed longevity in practice because of the positive results I’ve witnessed. What I believe truly distinguishes our practice is our commitment to providing our patients with personalized and comprehensive care.”

Therapies like Tui-Na (an ancient Oriental Hands-on Bodywork that helps rid the body of blockages and imbalances believed to lead to pain and illness), herbs, facial rejuvenation, acupuncture, and cupping, stimulate not only vital energies in the body, but work to increase blood flow, impact neurotransmitters, and stimulate endorphin release – all of which the body cope with stress, regulate temperature and manage pain.

Acupuncture has long been recognized as a viable alternative to analgesics and other pain-blocking medication, but did you know it is also an option for treating carpal tunnel, arthritis, and even menstrual cramping?

State-of-the-art modalities – such as radio frequency, interferential current therapy and pulsed electromagnetic therapy – are provided in tandem with Eastern medicine to “enhance the effectiveness of our treatments and offer the most advanced care for each patient’s specific needs.”

Whether you’re seeking relief from pain, managing chronic conditions, or simply aiming to enhance your overall wellness, it’s always great to hear from current and past patients as to the results they’ve received when seeking the services of a healthcare provider.

Toward that end, Dr. Huh and his team boast scores of 5-Star reviews online with glowing video testimonials from patients like Linda C. of Huntington Beach who shares that “my doctor recommended I seek out an acupuncturist with a doctorate degree to help with my Covid fatigue … after a few weeks of Dr. Jae’s treatments, I am well on my way to recovery.”

Another patient, Dawn Dittmer echoes Linda’s sentiment and adds “Dr. Jae is a phenomenally skilled doctor! I am amazed at how much he has helped with the healing of my surgical wounds … he can literally pinpoint the exact spots every time and give me immediate relief.”

The Core Acupuncture & Wellness accepts insurance, FSA and HSA for acupuncture treatments and can assist in determining what services are covered. No matter what your financial situation is, if your policy doesn’t cover its services, The Core will tailor a treatment plan to meet your needs.

Given its commitment to holistic patient care, it’s no wonder The Core Acupuncture is one of the most well-respected centers for balanced medicine in Orange County. If only evidenced-based integrative functional medicine wasn’t the exception, but the norm.

16514 Beach Blvd.
Huntington Beach
(714) 599-6401

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