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Comfort in Your Care with Jason Cellars, DDS + Seacliff Dental

If you’re like me, there are many things that can make a visit to the dentist considerably more comfortable. A warm, friendly, attentive staff in a welcoming environment is key. Knowing your dentist is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and holistic care possible certainly helps. As does discovering that your dentist holds the highest education in aesthetic dentistry, two undergraduate degrees – a BS in Biology and a BA in Business – and a resumé from The University of the Pacific that boasts the best clinical curriculum vitae in the nation. Translation in layman’s terms? Practice, experience and compassionate care. That’s simply what sets Jason Cellars, DDS and Seacliff Dentistry apart.

These are the characteristics I’m looking for in an office that offers family dentistry (exams and cleaning, preventative dentistry, root canal therapy, dentures), cosmetic dentistry (aesthetic restorations, bonding, composite fillings, dental crowns, teeth whitening, veneers and Invisalign), implant dentistry and pediatric dentistry. All in an office that utilizes the most advanced technology. But perhaps more important than all of this? The people behind the practice who are committed to providing patients with the best dental experience.

Dr. Cellars believes in having a complex understanding of each and every facet of dentistry so that he can customize the least invasive process for each individual patient.

“Getting to know my community, building relationships with new people every day, and seeing the excitement, gratitude and often disbelief when we transform their smiles is what excites me (about the work),” he says. “I got involved in this industry because I loved science, the body and working with my hands. It’s the perfect mixture of art and engineering that keeps every day interesting.”

Though Seacliff Dentistry has been providing quality dental care to the Huntington Beach community for nearly 30 years, Dr. Cellars is new to the office and is excited to bring his unique educational background, holistic philosophy and gentle touch to the seasoned practice.

“It’s easy to cut corners in dentistry, and being honest in the outcome only makes a small difference unless you are also always striving to do excellent work,” he says. Patients rightly expect the best. And the best is what they receive here at Seacliff Dental. No unnecessary treatments, all treatments thoroughly explained and understood, standout patient care and customer service. Dr. Cellars and his team pride themselves on working with each patient to ensure the best course of treatment – from start to finish.

Sure, a modern office and the latest in technologies help keep any dental practice on the cutting edge – but after all is said and done, holistic care is what I expect dental patients like me associate with the highest level of care and comfort.

Jason Cellars, DDS
Seacliff Dental
18652 Florida St., Suite 300
Huntington Beach
(714) 848-4247

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