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A Different Kind of Doctor. Rooted in Empathy and Experience

Do you ever wonder what it is that makes some Doctors so incredibly compassionate while others have a bedside manner better suited for the DMV?

In the case of Dr. Stefanie Bennett, Lac, PhD of Bennett Acupuncture and Functional Medicine, it is a case of true empathy. *I suffered from cluster migraines in my teens and twenties.”

Cluster migraines are named such for their debilitating pain that is a step above the norm. “I had migraine headaches 3-5 days a week that were so intense I was often bed ridden and would become physically sick.”

Being that migraine is one of those complicated conditions not fully understood, Dr. Bennett’s options were prescription medications that often did not work and to make lifestyle changes to limit triggers that often cause migraine. “It was no way to live.” she shares. “I was young and should’ve been living a bright, vibrant life. Instead I was monitoring my daily caffeine intake, avoiding long exposure to fluorescent lights and doing my best to prepare for changing weather conditions.

As you can imagine, Spring and Fall were especially rough. We lived in Orange County. It was Winter in the morning and Summer by the afternoon!”

It wasn’t until her primary care doctor sent her to an acupuncturist that she found real relief.
“This is why I often refer to my practice as “The Resort With The Best Results.”You’ve been everywhere else and been given the same disheartening prognosis, prescribed the same medications and told ‘this is just something you’re going to have to learn to live.” Soon after her incredible experience with the healing arts she made the life changing decision to abandon the family business and pursue her doctorate in acupuncture, “acupuncture quite literally saved my life and I wanted to share that with the world,” she proclaims.

Your Golden Years Should Be Golden

While in school she watched as her grandmother began to suffer from peripheral neuropathy. “Your goldenyears should be golden, not plagued with insufferable pain while doctors and specialists tell you there is nothing they can do. Understanding that Eastern Medicine excels where Western
Medicine fails, Dr. Bennett set forth to develop treatment protocols for all variations of Peripheral Neuropathy (including diabetic and chemotherapyinduced) and now has a 90% success rate in treating this once difficult to manage condition.

“I was tired of seeing the older generation suffer unnecessarily,” shares Dr. Bennett. “Diagnosing them as just getting older and giving them a treatment plan of you’re just going to have to get used to it’ has never sat well with me so I wanted to offer them a real option for treatment and care.

The Magic of Compassionate Care

And what do those in her care have to say? “Dr. Bennett looked me in my eyes and wanted to know about me, not just my condition. I feel like a person, not just a patient.” shares Anne. “In fact I don’t think she ever used the word patient.” Others proclaim “she saved my life”, “her neuropathy treatments gave me my life back,” and “it’s a miracle she treated my fibromyalgia. I don’t know how else to explain it.”

Dr. Stefanie Bennett has a long personal history in complicated, difficult to understand conditions and understands how tragic it can all be if left untreated. “I have sat where my patients sit. I’ve experienced their pain and suffering in a very real way.

I know the frustration of feeling hopeless on an intimate level. It’s why I practice the brand of medicine I do and why I’ve made it my life’s mission to treat the ‘untreatable’. It brings me such incredible joy when I get to say ‘I can help you!’”

Furthermore, Dr. Bennett isn’t opposed to more modern medical solutions. “It’s in blending the time-tested science of acupuncture with recent innovations in medicine that get me the best results.” One of those advancements is ATP Resonance BioTherapy™, originally developed by NASA it aids nerves in regeneration by providing them the nutrients they need to repair and renew, “very similar to what water does for a plant!”

Dr. Bennett and her staff specialize in treating chronic pain, complicated neurological conditions and autoimmune diseases that leave other professionals scratching their heads.

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