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Bring Down the House with the School of Rock Huntington Beach

I haven’t been a kid in a while. What I recall about music lessons is that they were forced, and more importantly, stodgy.

Beginning somewhere around the fourth grade, students were advised to pick an instrument for class, and I can honestly say I only know two adults from those classes who still play those instruments today. Needless to say, my music classes were nothing like the offering at School of Rock Huntington Beach.

A unique community of teachers, musicians, and families, School of Rock Huntington Beach sounds exactly like what it is, and also nothing like what it truly means. Founded in 2014 by a trio of performers, educators, and business owners, the industry welcomed them onto the scene with open arms. Larry Boodman, an alum of the Orange County School of the Arts, and Jeff Nunes were members of an L.A-based indie rock group known as Fourwayfree. Joey Acona, a production and performance instructor at OCSA for many years, knew Boodman through their common connections.

“The School of Rock was borne from the desire to create a safe place for supportive collaboration among students, and has instilled confidence, self-esteem, and discipline that will serve them well into the future pursuit of any goal, not just music,” says Jeff.

Practical instruction meets professional performance education. The students learn on guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, or vocals. But their weekly private lesson is combined with a weekly group rehearsal, “as the students prepare for an actual rock show that they perform at the end of the season. Themed – ACDC, Arena Rock, or Grunge. And played on professional stages like the House of Blues Anaheim.”

If you’re not sure what you’d like to specialize in just yet, no worries. School of Rock Huntington Beach provides a free trial lesson to anyone interested, and all are welcome to give them a try. Ages 6 to adult are brought into the fold, and “given the chance to learn team work, practice commitment, and master their chosen instrument. It makes learning not only fun and engaging, but a team sport.” Glad I don’t have to be a kid to go back to School (of Rock).

18584 Main Street
Huntington Beach
(714) 847-7788

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