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Universal Studios Hollywood

World-Famous Behind-the-Scenes Studio Tour Attraction Celebrates. A Milestone 60 Years

In 1964, Universal Studios Hollywood, originally referred to as Universal City Studios, rolled out its fleet of Glamor Trams, inviting tourists to “see film rushes of current productions, both feature and television, being made at Universal City.”

While much has transpired in six decades and 200 million guests since its inception, the Studio Tour has remained true to its roots of immersing visitors in the awe-inspiring world of movie-making magic and providing remarkable access to production sets on a real studio lot. The once celebrated Glamor Trams are long gone and have been replaced with a contemporary 60-minute experience, infused with advanced technology that enlightens and entertains millions of film buffs, theme park fans and tourists alike visiting from across the globe.

Today’s Studio Tour ushers guests past iconic sets from the renowned film Psycho directed by Alfred Hitchcock – one of the very first film sets accessible for visitors to see up close and personal in 1964 – to the evolution of Universal Studios Hollywood innovative, groundbreaking rides and attractions themed to compelling film and television properties.

“Jaws Lake,” which took a bite out of the studio backlot in 1976 has withstood the test of time as one of today’s premier Studio Tour attractions. In 1989, “Earthquake” had guests clinging for their lives with its fabricated but eerily realistic 8.3 magnitude quake.

In 2005, an original movie set from Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster, War of the Worlds landed onto the backlot – trams traverse a key scene depicting a small town devastated by an elaborately choreographed 747 jetliner crash and surrounded by wreckage and debris.

In 2019, “Jurassic World—The Ride” brought to life Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment’s JURASSIC WORLD blockbuster films with the addition of technologically advanced mechanical and special effects dinosaurs from the movie, including the colossal Indominus rex and the magnificent aquatic Mosasaurus.

Other attractions along the tour include “King Kong 360-3D” inspired by filmmaker Peter Jackson’s Oscar®-winning film and the original Jupiter’s Claim set from Jordan Peele’s expansive horror epic NOPE.

The Studio Tour just touches on the spectrum of adventure at Universal Studios Hollywood, where entertainment options are inclusive of daily theme park operations and acclaimed seasonal and special events. From its engaging character interactions, popular Halloween Horror Nights and Grinchmas™ celebrations to the VIP Experience, a premium off-shoot of the iconic Studio Tour with enhanced behind-the-scenes access, there is so much to see and do at Universal Studios Hollywood…with much more on the way.

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