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Orange County Labs

VIP Concierge Phlebotomy, Laboratory Directly To Your Door

Patience, kindness and true patient-centric healthcare from the comfort and convenience of Home? OC Labs delivers it all!

Orange County Labs, Inc. has been reinventing personalized patient care since 2014.

Recruited by LabCorp straight out of college in 1990, CEO, Bryan Muhlenbruch received extensive training and management experience at one of the nations largest medical laboratories, however he never wanted his patients at a draw station to feel like they were at a cattle call or just a number in-line.

After nearly twenty-four years of successful marketing management and oversight of four small regional labs, and transitioning them to LabCorp acquisitions, Bryan decided to go into business for himself. His goals, are to build on true patient-centered care and customizing the doctor’s individual or specific needs. Orange County Labs has proven to be your single source for all medical laboratory testing and home collections, located in Huntington Beach, CA, they come directly to your front door for your convenience.

“We are a full-service, high-complexity medical laboratory, specializing in custom and self-ordered blood draws,” says Bryan. “We offer VIP Concierge in-home and at-business phlebotomy services, coming to you with our professionally trained staff to safely draw your blood or collect other sample types. Our test results come directly to your physician usually in 24 hours or less.”

OC Labs accepts all laboratory orders from any licensed healthcare provider. All orders are billed to PPO insurances directly, including Medi-care, Medi-CAL, Cal Optima, Tricare and Humana Military. The collection and transportation fees are a covered benefit for the insured, so it’s at no cost to the patient. “Why wouldn’t you want in-home services, and be complete in only 10-15 minutes?”

Voted the #1 Medical Laboratory in Orange County, Orange County Labs performs a full range of blood, saliva, genetic, tissue, molecular and urine tests throughout Orange County. From early diagnosis to best treatment options, physicians count on Orange County Labs for fast, reliable and accurate results at a lower cost.

“We customize our approach to meet the needs of the people we serve,” says Bryan. “It just feels great to serve any patient who has been forced to adapt to a one-size-fits-all approach from the big national labs, ultimately saving time and hassle for the patient.”

As patients, we still have a choice of who we give our business to, including labs! Truly, Bryan says, “if you are dissatisfied with how things are being done when facing a blood draw for your physician, try our approach of VIP Concierge Phlebotomy Services in the comfort of your home or office. I wish I could tell you just how much satisfaction and love our Phlebotomists get back from every one of our patients, who do not have to leave the comfort of their own homes.” “Building long-term relationships with our patients over the years, is what we enjoy the most!”

It’s heartbreaking, thinking about the challenges which face our aging population, or those with disabilities. Planning a trip to the lab, scheduling a ride, managing the essentials like medications, oxygen, walkers, Etc. just to get their blood drawn. We strive to eliminate this inconvenience for everyone. Orange County Labs also caters to our U.S. Military and First Responders to meet any special request.

With over 30 years in business under Bryan’s belt, Orange County Labs dedicated approach to concierge-level healthcare is what keeps patients coming back time and time again. The teams of talented lab personnel and phlebotomists provide exceptional service and quality like no other. Orange County Labs is truly “Your Personal Medical Laboratory.”

Orange County Labs, Inc.
15165 Triton Lane
Huntington Beach
(714) 894-1591

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