December 29, 2023

Business Showcase

Have an Absolutely Fabulous Valentine’s Day!

Diane Silverstein had never heard of the show “Absolutely Fabulous” when she named her aptly-titled gifts and décor boutique in central Huntington Beach. But the fun-loving, irreverent, blonde, champagne-promoting show does give a glimpse into what makes Absolutely Fabulous such a treasure. Industry Award Winner!Global Innovation Awards (GIA) honoring HousewaresRetail

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Travel & Leisure

Grand Velas. The Crown Jewel of Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos is a singular vacation destination where the desert literally meets the sea. In my humble opinion, the crown jewel of the region is the Grand Velas Los Cabos, an opulent all-inclusive resort strategically situated between La Baja’s iconic towns of San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

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Travel & Leisure

Sun Soaked Santa Barbara Staycation

If you have an idea in your mind’s eye that bubbles up to the surface when I mention the town of Santa Barbara, I’m not going to try and convince you that it isn’t accurate. It likely is. Sun-soaked sandy shore, beautiful mountains to the northeast, and in between, all

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Destination Dining

Sushi Roku

It’s estimated that the average person makes roughly 35,000 decisions per day, only about 120 of which are informed – which assumes a higher level of thinking went into them, perhaps assuming that executive functions are put aside. Unsurprising that some of those decisions are about food: what am I

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