Ukulele SOUP at the Library

The Orange Public Library & History Center in Orange, CA hosts a monthly program called Ukulele SOUP (Special Orange Ukulele Players) presented by Peggy Calvert who hosts several other ukulele programs in the area. Ukulele SOUP is a group of ukulele players, meeting once a month to play, sing and share songs. All ages are welcome; ages 16 and under must be with an adult.

Each session starts with easier songs and progresses to more difficult songs. The room is set up with the chairs arranged in two concentric circles. This allows several of the more experienced players to assist new players with tuning their instruments, strumming techniques and chord changes. New songs to play are presented every month. Many of the songs are old songs that almost everyone has heard. Some songs are related to current events or the current season. To bring everyone in the group up to speed, chord charts of new songs are handed out to the beginners and to others who need them.

The first session of the year is on Saturday, January 20, 2018, from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM, in the Community Room. Feel free to arrive early and tune your instrument before everyone begins playing. Come and sing along if you don’t have a ukulele. Beginners are welcome. Please contact the Adult Reference Desk at (714) 288-2410 to learn more.