Surf City Segway – Time to “Coast the Coast’’

sufrcitysegway12Ever since I first saw a police officer don his helmet and mount the newly popular Segway to navigate the city streets downtown in Huntington Beach, I have been dying to take one of those motorized, two-wheelers for a spin. The Segway looks like loads of fun and as luck would have it, riding one isn’t just for law enforcement. Surf City Segway – the ONLY authorized segway dealer in HB – gives tourists and residents alike the opportunity to “coast the coast.”

Huntington Beach locals, Troy Collins and his 17-year-old daughter, Tauna opened Surf City Segway in the heart of downtown Huntington earlier this spring. Located right on Main Street, the father-daughter team offers guided tours and access straight down the road to 11 miles of uninterrupted beach trails. You can also simply rent one of their Segways for an hour-long self-guided ride, check it out for a week or even up to an entire month for unlimited daily riding.

In an hour and a half tour, Segway riders can coast past volleyball games, stop for a smoothie or snack and visit the famous Huntington Beach Pier. Vacationers can get the most of their time in Huntington by travelling three times faster than on foot or slow it down and grab five of their friends or family members for a sunset session. Locals can plan family outings, birthday parties or anniversary celebrations with this new and unique asset to Huntington Beach.

Since the start of Surf City Segway, Tauna, who now attends Huntington Beach High School, has happily jumped on board to help manage the business and one day take over as she currently learns from a hands-on approach. “What better way to learn the process than from my dad?” Her interest has only piqued since she began working alongside her dad and she even wishes she could take a class in high school that could teach her the details of business and daily operation.

Troy chose to move himself and Tauna two years ago into the heart of downtown Huntington Beach. Seeing that it was a happening beach town with a friendly atmosphere and plenty to do outside, he knew he and his daughter would never see a dull moment. Now with Surf City Segway, he and Tauna have been able to spend their days together under the Southern California sun as they co-manage the family business.

Troy, Tauna and their team ready each and every Segway rider with a 20-minute training session. After choosing between the two different models of Segways, riders can rough it and off-road into the uneven beach sand or choose to cruise along the easy-to-navigate trail with their scooter crew. The father-daughter team will happily prepare you and your whole family to confidently coast down the street and towards the beach!

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