Putting Your Best Foot Forward With One of The Region’s Most Respected Podiatrists

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How often do you think of your feet? Unless you have ugly toenails or acute pain, you probably don’t pay them much mind. They just get you around, right? But they’re not just for walking – if you think about it, your feet are your body’s foundation. When you experience pain in your lower back, your knees or your legs. from whom do you seek help? A neurosurgeon? An orthopedist? A chiropractor? A massage therapist?

Maybe you should be seeing your podiatrist.

Dr. Ivar Roth knows that if your feet aren’t happy, your entire body isn’t happy. He is a podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon who has been serving the Newport Beach community for over 26 years. The only podiatrist to have full foot and ankle surgical privileges at Hoag Hospital, Dr. Roth is at the forefront of new technologies addressing every foot malady – whether trauma-related, dermatological, neurological, mechanical – from the tip of the toe up to (but not including) the knee.

Podiatrists know that a lot of pain in the ankle, knee, hip, back, and even as far up as the neck, may be attributa- ble to a condition called hyperpronation, or flat feet. When your feet don’t distribute weight and motion evenly, there can be serious repercussions throughout the body, which occurs to you like pain and exhaustion. Orthotics or arch support products have been used to help flat foot sufferers, but they are minimally effective. So Dr. Roth became the only master certified surgeon in Southern California to perform FootAlignTM, a simple 15-minute surgical procedure which permanently corrects flat feet. permanently. He has perfected the procedure and over the last decade has helped hundreds of people get relief from chronic pain and regain strength and mobility.

“I love my work,” says Dr. Roth about his interest in his field. “The foot is an understudied part of the body, yet it is so critical to our everyday lives. I am always seeking out new ways to improve the health of our feet.”

Dr. Roth’s master certification in FootAlignTM is just one example of his standards for staying at the cutting edge of his field. Incredible advances in medical laser technologies have opened up treatment options for a wide array of foot conditions, and Dr. Roth has been one of the leading doctors in the country perfecting laser techniques for a number of these conditions.

Diabetic patients often suffer from neuropathy, or a deadening of nerves, in the feet. It’s a debilitating and discouraging condition. Dr. Roth has perfected a laser treatment technique that addresses neuropathy. It’s a procedure that doesn’t involve drugs or pain, and for most of patients the feeling in their feet comes back, enabling them to walk again.

Other laser procedures are more cosmetic, but hardly less dramatic. Many of Dr. Roth’s patients see him to treat unsightly or fungus-ridden toenails, a condition that impairs confidence and can even cause pain. Unique to Dr. Roth’s practice is an FDA-approved machine for laser treatment of fungus toenails, which can permanently correct the problem.

His curiosity and interest in finding new solutions have led Dr. Roth into developing specialized products, including nail and skincare, topical pain relief formulas, treatment for athlete’s foot and much more. All of Dr. Roth’s patented products are designed by him and made by him so, as he says, they do what he wants them to do.

Dr. Roth takes a traditional approach to the doctor-patient relationship, dedicating ample time and attention to each patient in a high-quality concierge practice setting, while making himself available to patients any time of day where necessary.

If you or a loved one is dealing with pain in the foot, ankle, knee, hip or lower back; if you suffer from neuropathy in your feet; if you have fungus toenails or any other foot malady, perhaps it’s time to call your podiatrist. Connect with Dr. Roth by calling (949) 650-1147, or visit www.footalign.net to learn more about permanent treatment for flat feet, www.nailclarity.com to learn more about treatment of fungus toenails, or www.drroths.com to try

Photography by Xuong Do, Happy Photos

Dr. Roth’s custom formulas.

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