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There is nothing more satisfying than stumbling upon a hidden gem, especially where food is involved. Big restaurants widely advertised are easy to find and sometimes worth a visit, but discovering that independent establishment or that mom and pop shop that surprises and delights you – now, that’s an experience worth sharing.

Consider this your “stumble” upon Monkey House Café, a hidden gem with a gourmet menu at casual prices, uncommon gift items and an adventurous atmosphere with a lucky theme. Owned and operated by Angeli Poon, her daughter Rochelle and son-in-law Dan, Monkey House Cafe’s moniker draws inspiration from Poon’s native Thailand – where the monkey is not only a common household pet, but a symbol of prosperity and luck.

At Monkey House Café you’ll find a delicious and healthy lineup of original gourmet sandwiches served on freshly baked bread, including its signature Monkey Cristo (turkey, ham, swiss, mayo, lettuce and tomato grilled on egg bread); Gorilla Reuben (hearty and messy triple decker corned beef and pastrami, served with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and gobs of Thousand Island dressing on rye) and Jungle Fever (an all-time veggie favorite stacked with cucumbers, sprouts, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo and mustard on squaw). Whatever your sandwich choice, pair it with homemade soup, a fresh smoothie or out-of-this-world potato salad and you can’t go wrong.

Junglelicious Delights

Monkey House is most definitely a dessert destination. Among its most popular sweet treats? Fresh baked goodies like the Choco Coco Mac Cookies chock full of chocolate chips, macadamia nuts and coconut, “gourmet” dessert bars: raspberry almond tarts, fudge brownie, lemon bar, carrot cake – all can be ordered à la mode. The piece de resistance? A slice of Monkey Bread Loaf topped with banana chocolate chip caramel ice cream. Monkey House Café also scoops up other tantalizing Lappert’s Super Premium Handmade Ice Cream flavors such as Nuku Hiva (coconut-pineapple ice cream with brownie pieces and raspberry sorbet), Kauai Pie (coffee ice cream, chocolate fudge, macadamia nut and coconut), Manila Mango and Cookie Monter (kids’ favorite made with double oreo & cookie dough).

The perfect pairing for any of the aforementioned? A full menu of coffee and espresso drinks using the connoisseur’s coffee of choice: Roasts from Italian Coffee Roaster Lavazza Tierra are made from beans culled from some of the world’s best coffee farms worldwide, but the ones Monkey House customers will enjoy are the more unique, quality blends from Central and South America.

If the food is a perfect blend of affordability and excellence, the atmosphere at Monkey House Café is a delightful blend of casual and comfortable, great for anything from a business luncheon to a friendly get-together to a quick pick-up and go. The visual centerpiece of the dining room is an enormous tree, fabricated to look like it has been uprooted from the Amazon and planted in the midst of the café, creating a fun ambiance without overwhelming your senses.

The Monkey House Café gift shop is Angeli’s labor of love and a surprising treat for café guests, filled with an eclectic offering of fine hand-rendered art, collectibles, jewelry, stationery and small furniture. Angeli personally selects beautiful pieces from around the world. What could be easier than lunching at Monkey House on a weekday and picking up a distinctive gift for a friend or loved one while you’re there? For my part, it’s just as fun to browse the unique pieces and as an aspiring oenophile – the café houses a great selection of exceptionally reasonable varietals.

It’s this kind of “beyond the café” experience that Angeli, Rochelle and Dan always seem to be conjuring. The more you talk to them, the more you recognize the substance behind the offerings. Monkey House Café supports local nonprofits (Olive Crest, Kiwanis, HB Fire Department, Surf City Golf Classic, Kinder Vision, churches, schools and more) with donations of cash, food and their personal time.

With a concern for connecting with the community, a delightful dining venue, an expansive access to specialty products from around the world and a growing clientele, what’s a family business (including hard-working staff members Café Manager Maria; resident barista Wesley and Catering Manager Pam) to do but add to their dynamic repertoire by hosting events such as wine tastings, afternoon tea and beerfest (featuring locally brewed craft beers)?

Corporate and Residential Catering & Event Planning

Whether there are five or 500 mouths to feed, Monkey House brings the flavor to the party with corporate and residential catering at its best – on location or off premises at your offices, corporate outings or event facility.

In fact, catering comprises such a major part of their business that Monkey House Café has a professional catering team dedicated to helping their customers with any catering need – large or small. In addition to its extensive array of sandwiches, appetizers and desserts, Monkey House Café strives to customize the menu to accommodate their clients’ special requests and work within their budget – in fact, Monkey House Cafe’s catering is extremely competitive in pricing without ever compromising quality.

Monkey House Café
18862 Beach Blvd.
Huntington Beach
(714) 965-1135

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