By Robert Pugach, MD & Evans Tran, PA

Bladder control problems should NEVER be considered a normal part of aging. Oftentimes, we cover up OAB symptoms and use expensive pads or diapers during the day. If you have tried treatments including limiting fluids, physical therapy exercises, bladder control medications or even bladder surgery – with limited or no success – there is an amazing alternative solution that can be effective for you!

The alternative is to continue to limit social and physical activities, family or friend interactions and physical intimacy.
At Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center’s Women’s Bladder Control program, we have treated thousands of bladder control patients. When medications and other treatment options prove to be ineffective, we offer a medical device called InterStim®.

InterStim® is a tiny battery that is placed under your skin to deliver a signal to the nerves that control the bladder. This remarkable FDA-approved device has been in common use in the United States for more than 20 years!
Now, there is an improved battery that is MRI safe so you no longer need to be concerned about other effects.
How does InterStim® work?

One of the main causes of an overactive bladder or urinary retention is in the nerves that are near your tailbone. These nerves are responsible for controlling bladder function. Any disruption to these nerves may potentially cause bladder changes that include frequency, sudden urges, inability to make it to the bathroom in time, incomplete emptying or nighttime urination.

The Interstim® device sends a gentle, constant electrical impulse to the nerves that control the bladder and restores the bladder function. You will have a controller that is periodically used to adjust the setting of the battery/pacemaker and ensure that it is working properly. The results are typically immediate and the relief you feel is amazing.  You won’t even know when it’s working – it’s painless!

“Getting the Interstim therapy has created a new life for me. It’s terrific to be able to go out and run errands without having to plan “pit stops.” It’s truly wonderful being back to normal, to walk to the bathroom, particularly when I’m out in public. It gives me a great sense of security to no longer be obsessed with the need to control my bladder.” – MaryAnn K.

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