Inspiring Solutions to Plastic Pollution

Long Beach-based nonprofit Algalita Marine Research and Education is hosting a fun and environmental friendly event on Saturday, December 2nd from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. “Get Off the Naughty List Beach Clean Up and Scavenger Hunt” was created to make a positive difference in the community.

There will be prizes available by participating in a plastic pollution scavenger hunt, opportunities to help Algalita collect and identify bottle caps, and a chance to meet scientists who study plastic pollution. The Algalita team will be meeting at the Long Beach Peninsula at 72nd Place and they encourage as many people to join in this free event by participating in the beach clean up and/or scavenger hunt.

The founder of Algalita, Captain Charles Moore, initially began focusing on solutions to plastic pollution after discovering the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Located in the North Pacific Ocean as far as 1,000 miles away from land, this debris field is a collection of (largely plastic) marine litter. “Every time I came on deck to survey the horizon, I saw a soap bottle, bottle cap or a shard of plastic waste bobbing by,” says Moore, author of Plastic Ocean. “Here I was in the middle of the ocean and there was nowhere I could go to avoid the plastic.”

Algalita works to inspire solutions to plastic pollution. Established in 1994 to protect the marine environment, the organization has evolved into a leading research organization focused on plastic pollution and its impacts on marine life and ecosystems. For additional information or to get involved, visit

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