Building a Better Brain

6 Tips to Raise a Smart, Confident Kid
by Leanne Harvey, CEO/Executive Director, LearningRx

In many ways, the brain is like a muscle and the old adage “use it or lose it” certainly holds true. Mental exercise can improve the brain, just as physical exercise can improve the body. So, here are some tips on developing your child’s brain skills.

  • Keep your child reading. Whether you read to them or they do it on their own, set aside some time just for books. Make sure it’s age-appropriate; too easy and they may get bored, too difficultand they may get frustrated.
  • Cut back on TV, video games and computer time. There are countless studies showing that too much use of these devices (rather than free play) can add to learning strugglesand attention problems.
  • Get them playing music. Encourage your child to learn an instrument. There is a strong correlation between music and grades.
  • Have you child’s brain skills tested.Cognitive tests measure skills like attention, visual and auditory processing, logic and reasoning, processing speed and memory. If any weaknesses are found, the skills can be strengthened with one-on-one brain training. Unlike tutoring, which focuses on academics, brain training addresses the root causes of any learning struggles. If you improve learning skills, you improve grades and confidence.
  • Set up a learning station. How many times has your child procrastinated by searching for sharpened pencils? Or struggled findingspace on a cluttered table to do their take-home quiz? Find a quiet space away from the distractions of dad’s TV or a sibling’s video games and set up a fully stocked desk: pencils, dictionary, calculator, etc.
  • Increase their brain food. You know that soda and candy are bad for your kid’s brain but did you know there are foods that can actually strengthen their brain?Among the best: wild salmon (for its omega-3 fatty acid DHA), walnuts (good for your gray matter!), and blueberries (they boost cognition and memory).

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“If you improve learning skills, you improve grades and confidence.”

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