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I’m not doubting that you’re a Kayak ninja or that you rock Expedia like a boss. When it comes to choosing the most economical flight after a quick search, you’re incredible and we both know that. But did you know (contrary to popular belief) that the internet does not know all, especially when it comes to booking trips?

Chances are, you’ve heard of travel agencies but perhaps you thought it was a hassle. Maybe you figured you’d get a better deal online. Let me tell you folks, you’re wrong. Here’s what you need to know and whom you need to call.
Go With Jo Travel has been booking deals since 1983, long before William Shatner traded in his Star Trek for Priceline. What began as accompanying her friend to a few community classes became a life-long passion: helping others experience culture and travel for the best price possible. And, Jo’s learned a few things and met some helpful people along the way. “When friends from Golden West College got married on campus, I created a Bridal and Wedding registry that helped collect and pay for much of their honeymoon! We went on to have a registry for other events as well as travel vouchers and gift certificates. We take on corporate accounts and do incentive travel opportunities for business, something not all agencies do. I also love taking groups on exciting adventures!” she says.

It’s no secret that the travel industry has changed significantly in recent years, but Jo’s been able to bend with the times. “We stay ahead of the curve,” she comments. “Travel industry sales representatives from various companies, tour operators, and even cruise lines go out of their way to offer help and additional training, so now my staff of agents and I hold destination specialists awards from all over the world,” she continues. “We feel it is ok to shop on the internet but don’t buy on the internet! Not all flight schedules are listed and available. The internet can’t upgrade your stateroom on a cruise or add shipboard credit! Come into to the store and let’s see what we can book for you. We are fast, friendly but most importantly, we put stellar service first. We’ll hunt out the best deal for you!”

Connect with Jo and her team by calling (714) 379-3755 or stop by the office at 5500 Bolsa Ave. in Huntington Beach.

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