Discover Graphic Novels at the Orange Public Library

graphic-novelsOrange Public Library recently unveiled is new collection of Graphic Novels for Adults. 

On Saturday, January 28, 2017 the Orange Public Library & History Center will be hosting a program so you can explore the new collection and join a discussion of your favorite graphic novels and learn more about this popular literary form.

The Library also has popular Graphic Novel collections for teens and children with age appropriate material. All collections are always available for free check out to Orange Public Library cardholders.

Coined in 1964 by fan historian Richard Kyle, the term “Graphic Novel” is now defined in Webster’s Dictionary as “a fictional story that is presented in comic-strip format and published as a book.” Originally the term was used to describe the story arcs in certain comic book titles that would continue over several issues, rather than the done-in-one tales most commonly found in older comics. While this was how they began, the form has progressed to now include non-fiction and autobiographical material.

As they appear today, Graphic Novels are recognized by educators and Librarians as equally as valid in encouraging readers as traditional prose novels are. A number of them have become New York Times bestsellers and have been adapted to the screen. Academy Award winning Actors such as Tom Hanks (The Road to Perdition), John Hurt (V For Vendetta) and Helen Mirren (Red & Red 2) have appeared in films that were originally graphic novels. You can even find such material as Representative John Lewis’ autobiographical MARCH graphic novel trilogy, which chronicles his life and activity in the Civil Rights movement.

The Graphic Novel Discovery and Discussion Program will be held in the Library’s Community Room from 10:30 – 11:30 AM.  The Orange Public Library & History Center is located at 407 E. Chapman Ave. in Orange, CA.  There is no registration required for this program.

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