Delicious Spring Cleaning

by Heather Evans

Did you eat so much over the holidays that even your sweatpants don’t want anything to do with you? Maybe you’re one of those lucky or dedicated people that know how to say NO to your 150th Christmas cookie. Either way, it’s time for some spring-cleaning and I don’t mean dusting.

Juice cleansing is one of the most amazing and healthiest things you can do for yourself. Cleansing can make you look and feel younger and give you boosted vitality with overall better health. Some say they lose unwanted pounds and bloat. Others remark their skin and hair positively glow. The essential point to consider when trying a juice cleanse is the source of the juice, and it doesn’t get any better, safer, locally grown and more effective than the juice cleanses from Nekter Juice Bar.

Nekter has developed two series of juice cleanses: The Classic or The Advanced. How long you take the cleanse depends on your personal needs and how advanced you are with the system. With each cleanse, the goal is to gently help rid your body of toxins and rebalance your entire system. Nekter’s customers rave about how great they look and feel: “I have done the cleanse twice in the past 10 weeks and lost 18 pounds. It changed my eating habits and I feel awesome!”
saysMike S.The best part is that all you have to do is follow the plan and sip. That’s it.

Besides all this amazing cleansing talk, let’s get back to Nekteritself. Known for using only 100% locally farmed fruits and vegetables,Nekter is the juice revolution that’s quickly become infamous for helping people look and feel better than they ever knew they could. If juice isn’t your thing, they still have what you need with their premium acai bowls and smoothies. And yes, they have an amazing smoothie named the Chocolate Dream. Seriously, who is that amazing they can make a chocolate smoothie healthy?

If you’re new to juicing and cleansing they recommend starting with a Sublime, Toxin Flush or Popeye’s Acai Smoothie. And, because they’ve truly thought of everything- you can phone your order in and pick it up at the location of your choice in 15 minutes. Check them out at and order your first sip today!

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