Spotlight On: Mr. Vernon Clover

I’ve always been partial to people who go above and beyond. It’s a character trait I seem to consistently run across when conducting interviews with individuals utilizing the services of Hospice Care of the West and this showcase on Mr. Vernon Clover and his wife, Donna, is no exception. Vernon, who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, […]

Traditional vs. Roth IRA

Traditional IRAs, which were created in 1974, are owned by roughly 37.0 million U.S. households. And Roth IRAs, created as part of the Taxpayer Relief Act in 1997, are owned by nearly 18.6 million households. Tip: Not Quite Anything. IRAs are free to invest in just about anything except collectibles like artwork, rugs, antiques, gems, […]

Avoid the “Summer Slide’’

You may be tempted to view summer as a time to give your child a break from math. Think again. Summer is the best time of year to help your child succeed in math. There are at least three reasons to keep your child engaged with math right through the summer. The first is the […]

Finding Your Life’s Work

It’s not every day that you meet a young woman as remarkable as Evans Tran. Evans is a physician assistant working in a busy urology practice. This article is not just about her skill and the caring and compassionate manner with which she treats patients, but a story of her incredible determination to rise above […]

The Lazy Dog Café

There was no better place to be on a warm summer day, sheltered by the shade of the terrace, reclining in a patio chair and enjoying the company of my dad and our Golden Retriever Bucky. No, we weren’t at the park or hanging out in the back yard; rather, we were out for lunch […]

Ms. Unfettered

She might look just like anyone else but make no mistake; Katy Fetters isn’t your average girl. Besides her beautiful blonde locks, athletic figure and knockout smile, Katy is a serious dose of courage and inspiration for many, many teens across the world. Katy’s the voice behind the very popular blog:, a site that […]

Golden West College Honors Students and Thanks Donors

Golden West College held its annual Scholarships and Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, May 7, 2013. This year, 152 scholarships were awarded to 283 students at the ceremony. Since 1986, Golden West College students have received over six million dollars in scholarships. One of the highlights of the event was watching 25 student veterans receive the […]

A Valuable Plan

When I sat down to interview Donald Hunsberger, one of the first questions I asked him was what kind of person he would like to see walking into his office. He didn’t have to think much before answering: A healthy married couple in their mid-thirties, busy raising children, building their careers with the possibility of […]

Huntington Super Pawn

If I’m addressing the 1% of the population that hasn’t seen the uber-popular “Pawn Stars” show on A&E, I’m here to tell you that pawn shops have come a long way, and we are so lucky to have our own regional version so close to home. The Huntington Beach-based Huntington Super Pawn is the place […]

Go With Jo Travel

I’m not doubting that you’re a Kayak ninja or that you rock Expedia like a boss. When it comes to choosing the most economical flight after a quick search, you’re incredible and we both know that. But did you know (contrary to popular belief) that the internet does not know all, especially when it comes […]