“The One ‘Muscle’ We ALL Need To Work On More Often”

by Paul and Carolyn Fetters irst and foremost, I want to give you a BIG “thank you” for being a loyal reader. I wouldn’t be here without your support. Every couple of months, I get a chance to enter your home, and hopefully impart with you a little bit of knowledge that you can take […]

Pain Management: Understanding Your Options

Q & A with Cyrus Sedaghat, MD, Pacific Pain Clinic Pain produces a significant emotional, physical, and economic toll due toongoing health care expenses, lost income and lost productivity. More importantly, for individuals living in pain, their quality of life is substantially impacted. To alleviate pain, options range from conservative, non-invasive procedures (including therapies and […]

How Do You Know if You Really Have Low T?

by Robert Pugach, MD Low T or andropause, is increasingly recognized as a significant health issue for men. By age 40, 15% of men are deficient in testosterone. Many men describe a variety of symptoms including: • Lack of energy – feeling tired at the start of each day or as your day progresses • […]

Street Hockey: The Newest League at The Rinks

by Jody Robinson Hockey continues to grow in Southern California, with a record number of youth and adult players participating in ice and roller hockey programs – and now there is Street Hockey. The inaugural season of the Youth Street Hockey League kicked off this summer at The Rinks – Huntington Beach Inline with four […]

Do You CrossFit?

New high-intensity exercise program explodes in the Huntington Beach market As recently as seven years ago, very few people Orange County area had ever heard of CrossFit. When CrossFitHB opened in 2005, it was the first CrossFit gym within a 70 mile radius. Michael Smith, who co-owns CrossFitHB with Theresa Schwartz, said people get “addicted” to […]

What You Need To Know About Women’s Bladder Control

Bladder control problems affect 50 million Americans and it is one of the most common health problems that women face. While many think that the condition only affects older women, the truth is that women of all ages may have urine leakage (incontinence) or other bladdercontrol issues. There are four main categories of bladder control […]

What’s Right for Your Child?

By now you may have heard that New York Mayor Bloomberg has tried to pass a ban on sodas over 16 ounces. He says he has new data tying sugary drinks to the city’s fattest neighborhoods. Instead, why don’t we educate the public on how to make better food and drink choices and develop programs […]

Did You Miss Your Libido in 2012?

Did You Miss Your Libido in 2012? …….Why Not Get it Back THIS Year! By Robert Pugach, MD If you are feeling lethargic, depressed, agitated, or have noticed a decrease in your sex drive, it may not be the events in the news, stress or even your age that is responsible. It may be a […]

Does Food Really Make You Happy?

By Paul and Carolyn Fetters We are all trained at a very early age about the connectionbetween food and comfort. The “Food is Love” conceptis continually reinforced throughout our lives: We areoffered candy for a scraped knee, we celebrate birthdays with cake, holidays with cookies and visiting home or a social eventalways seem to be […]

Delicious Spring Cleaning

by Heather Evans Did you eat so much over the holidays that even your sweatpants don’t want anything to do with you? Maybe you’re one of those lucky or dedicated people that know how to say NO to your 150th Christmas cookie. Either way, it’s time for some spring-cleaning and I don’t mean dusting. Juice […]