Concierge Podiatry for Kids

A simple solution for life-changing results If your child has flat feet, feet that turn in or turn out or complains of foot, knee, leg or back pain, the solution could be as simple as custom orthotics inserted into their shoes. Ivar Roth, DPM of the Beach-based Concierge Podiatry is the only podiatrist in Orange […]

Little to Lose & A Lot to Gain: Why Everyone Should Weight Train

Growing older brings about numerous physiological changes including less-flexible muscles, sagging skin, slower metabolic processes and weight gain. Other changes might include bone deterioration and less efficiency of the heart; so finding the motivation to get in shape and stay healthy is crucial to help alleviate or prevent some of these issues. Though we believe […]

Incontinence Under-reported in Younger Women

Many people don’t know that bladder control problems are one of the most common health problems that women face every day. A mistaken belief is that urinary incontinence is more prevalent in middle-aged to older women, especially those who’ve had a baby. Many believe the bladder problems are a part of getting older. However, according […]

Teaching More Than Just Sport

Summer camps in Orange County seem to be in every city up and down the 405 freeway—whether it’s art, music, science, or sports, Southern California keeps their kids busy when school is not in session! Vanguard University’s annual athletics camps for kids of all ages feature basketball, soccer and volleyball, and offer more than learning skills to use on the court or field. There […]

TSpot Total Fitness

OC’s Most Respected Body Transformation Experts In a world full of false prophets, Paul Fetters and his family are the genuine article When you first meet Paul and his wife Carolyn, you can’t help but be drawn to their warmth, compassion and authenticity. Their commitment to helping people change their lives is why the Fetters family has been recognized […]

Swim Like the Fishes

Learning to swim early in life is safer and smarter I’m going to be honest: It is my dream to see my daughters swim in the Olympics. When running through the list of activities that they would do as children, swimming was at the top of my list – way above dance class, soccer practice […]

What does March Madness have to do vasectomies?

The answer may surprise you!  According to consumer research, every year during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament not only is there an increase in college applications and purchases of high definition televisions, but more vasectomies are done! Throughout the U.S., urologists are promoting “March Madness Vasectomies.” For my practice, it’s a fun and engaging way to start a conversation on male responsibility for birth control and dispelling […]

Personalized Regenerative Medicine

By Kristine Emerson Stem cells treat heart disease and stroke – and change the way we age The “Usual” Treatments for chronic diseases treat symptoms with drugs that have side effects, are costly and typically don’t fix anything! For this reason, regenerative medicine has seized the spotlight thanks to its focus on helping repair, and […]

Clinical Research Studies: Finding New Hope for Alzheimer’s Disease

By Samuel Henderson, PhD Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurological disease that primarily affects the elderly. In 2015 it was estimated that 5.3 million Americans were suffering from the disease. As the baby boomers age this number is predicted to more than double, with over 13 million Americans affected by 2050. Without significant new treatments, […]

How to Build Better Bone Health After Age 50

By Thomas J. Moffett Most people don’t think about bone health until they’re at risk for developing osteoporosis, a condition that causes bones to become porous, brittle, and weak. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, 54 million Americans age 50 and older are affected by osteoporosis and low bone mass. The statistic came from a […]