Discover Your Potential at Santiago Canyon College

Whether you plan on earning an associate degree or a career technical education certificate or wish to prepare for transfer to a four-year university, Santiago Canyon College (SCC) can help you chart your course for a career in a high-demand field. With 91 certificate and degree programs, including 19 associate degrees for transfer, as well […]

Return on Investment: Understanding how fitness can make you rich

By Paul and Carolyn Fetters On a beautiful spring day back in 1975, 5,042 sets of twin brothers would be recruited to take part in a landmark study—the results of which would not surface for another 29 years. Then, in 2004, the secrets of this research project was uncovered and reported in the January/ February […]

How Will Working Affect Social Security Benefits?

By Ken Earwood In a recent survey, 67% of current workers stated they plan to work for pay after retiring.¹ And that possibility raises an interesting question: How will working affect Social Security benefits? To answer that question requires an understanding of three key concepts: full-retirement age, the earnings test, and taxable benefits. Full Retirement […]

HIFU for Prostate Cancer? Learn why men are selecting this new treatment

By Yvette M. Manard, MPH In October, 2015 the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) for the treatment of localized prostate cancer. For many men diagnosed with prostate cancer, HIFU is a new treatment that they haven’t heard about nor are they aware of its benefits, including avoiding permanent urine leakage […]

Helping Children of the Homeless

By Joanne Coontz Over 25 years ago, members of Orange Rotary recognized a need for children of the homeless, who were being educated at Project Hope School, co-sponsored by the Orange County Department of Education and various non-profit organizations. Rotarians wanted to provide an opportunity for the children to purchase gifts for their family members […]