Building a Secure Future Ken Earwood, Titan Financial & Insurance Services

In Greek Mythology, Titans ruled long before the gods existed. Behemoths, they opened the world for what was to come. Today, we know a varied few as true titans: of industry, literature, music, mathematics, sport.

Kit Marlowe, The Beatles, Einstein, Teemu Selanne (for the Orange County natives). Ken Earwood might not be on your shortlist yet, but as the President of Titan Financial and Insurance Services, his expertise is of the influence you’ll want when looking towards retirement.

Sixteen years ago, Ken started Titan Financial & Insurance Services, Inc. in Huntington Beach and has operated in the ensuing years since in the same location. But the journey to opening his own firm began more than two decades ago, with simple work ethic. Much like the world-builders, “my parents taught me everything about starting from the ground up. My Dad was an electrical engineer, and worked for the same company for 48 years. My mom was an entrepreneur. Everything was earned.” A graduate from Long Beach State with a degree in Business Marketing, Ken jumped into the industry feet first, with a job at one of the nation’s largest brokerage firms. With his college sweetheart by his side, loving his day-to-day was easy, and remains so today. Without her support, we couldn’t have come this far.

“Everyone remembers what it’s like not to have money. Like when you were a young married couple just starting out. We had nothing to begin with, but we had each other and our work ethic.” The work at Titan changes constantly, but their number one priority is ensuring that the biggest fear in financial planning never comes to fruition for any of their clients: that you outlive your money.

“We make sure each person that comes to see us has a plan in place to ensure they have funds that will last the rest of their life,” he says. “You don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck forever like when you were first married….you certainly don’t have end up back where you started in retirement.”

Ken meets with his clients annually, keeping them on the right track, ensuring each allocation is in the proper place, and that individual checklist items are taken care of: life insurance, investment taxes, retirement income planning, chronic care planning and Legacy/Wealth transfer planning with tax-free death benefits. At every stage, he is there to meet your needs. Getting started, accumulating wealth, getting ready to distribute it over your retired years, or even pass onto loved ones. There isn’t much they can’t cover, and the pride Ken takes in his client services shows. Most firms simply drill into accumulation, “they don’t bet on safety in retirement and distribution. Putting up numbers on the overall market is all well and good, but how do you make sure you’re not going to come up short in the long run?”

“My kids are so important to me – and I want to leave them a legacy they’re proud of as well,” says Ken. “I have two sons and a daughter, and it is incredibly valuable for them to see a balanced book in the making, so they have something to model.”

The Titans were displaced, eventually. Their age ended, as will all of ours. But what, Ken would like to know, will be left after you’re gone? Going to church and having faith in Jesus Christ teaches us to give service, help in the well-being of others, our neighbors and community. All aspects of his personal and professional life that Ken hopes are communicated when clients put their financial futures in Titan’s hands.

“I’ve been in this business for 28 years: I want my clients to trust the time I’ve put in, but also the man that I am. One who is looking towards the future with you. A secure, well-planned, stress-free future.”

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