Blake Vartanian and the Keller Williams Team


From (L): Mary Walters, Colleen Rogers, Gail Swindler, Kevin Mount, Becky Conners, Erik Messinger, Melinda Kirkwood, Joanne Vartanian and Blake Vartanian.

Market experts putting “conscience first, rather than commission”

A sleepy farm town with a population of 15,000 before Disneyland moved in in 1955, Anaheim’s packing houses and Orange County’s citrus groves soon gave way to waves of tourism and real estate development. In 1984, Blake Vartanian earned his California Broker license three years after receiving his first real estate license, the median price for a single-family home was $142,735, according to the Los Angeles Times. 1984: the year of the first Apple Macintosh computer, the USSR boycott of the Los Angeles Olympics, and the space shuttle Discovery launch. 1984, the year of Michael Jackson’s unprecedented Thriller success. Over the last 35 years, Blake has seen it all. Through the skyrocketing arc of the housing bubble to watching it burst in 2008, he and his team at Keller Williams have served the greater Orange County area.
Finding a niche in one of the largest and most expensive housing markets in the nation can be a difficult process. But Blake believes what sets them apart is the valuation of their priorities. “God, Family, then Business. This affords us to lead lives worth living, while still serving the community at all times.” A service which does not escape the attention of its community. “When we launched the Market Center in 2011, ‘short-sales’ and foreclosures were the norm. We had to put together a team that was unwilling to take shortcuts.”

032-keller-williams-blake-vartanianAs the CEO and Team Leader, Blake Vartanian is invested in managing people who care about people. Colleen Rogers serves as the team’s Operating Principle, alongside Mary Walters, recognized for two consecutive years (2015, 2016) with the Double-Platinum award for her work as the Market Center Administrator. Together as an executive team, they provide free mentoring and coaching as part of their value proposition, committed to operating top-down under the umbrella of values they hold dear. “We cherish the opportunity to be problem-solvers, and to contribute to the success of others. The collaborative environment is unmatched.”

Running a long game takes patience and fortitude – two qualities that most would likely skip over when discussing their real estate agent or broker. Yet, because of the values distilled through the chain of leadership, 750 of Keller Williams’ best agents who call the Market Center home are engaged in teaching, coaching, consulting, and mentoring- not to mention best practices in internet strategy and social media and marketing.

“Consumers and clients deserve highly skilled and knowledgeable representation,” says Colleen Rogers. “We believe the best real estate agents are constantly learning and evolving, as the technology that supports our business and industry continues to revolutionize the ways in which real estate is delivered.”

God, Family, then Business.
This affords us to lead lives worth living, while still serving the community at all times.

There weren’t apps for anything in 1984, when the first generation cell-phones only had thirty-five minutes of talk time and needed a full ten hours to charge their battery. Now, with what is virtually a supercomputer in your pocket, the world is narrowing and expanding simultaneously.

“We live in a complex world, and the real estate profession is just that, a profession,” says Blake. “All real estate agents and companies are not equal. We have the technology, yes. We have the resources. We have the people. The coverage. We’re in Anaheim Hills, Anaheim, Yorba Linda, Brea, Fullerton, Placentia. You’re looking for all that when you want to hire a realtor. But what we really believe sets us apart is our ethics. Creating a ‘win-win or no deal’ brand ethos is no small feat in today’s global market. And when you can look someone in the face and tell them ‘I would rather walk away from a deal absent of doing the right thing, than to tarnish my professional reputation’, you have something pretty unique. You have an agency full of people putting conscience first, rather than commission.”

When Blake and his team ventured out in 2011 to build the Market Center, they intended on making Keller Williams Realty International history. In 2013, 2014 and 2015, it became eminently clear that the record was theirs. Records, to be exact. For each previous year’s achievements, they were awarded the highest honor KWRI offers, the Net Agent Growth Award – shattering each previous year’s record on the way. In 2016, they took the top gross award in the SoCal region for the fourth year in a row. Based on a 706 market center franchise system, they essentially achieved what is more than 353,000,000-to-1 odds. And still, Blake insists on serving the community several times a month through events and fundraising. His motto is “come from contribution.”

“We value the ability to operate a profitable and highly successful business serving the needs/wants of our clients/customers through our world class associates without the expectation of a return,” he says. “We set out to help others.”

Members of the Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors, and many more boards throughout the state, Blake and his associates collectively just built a horse and walking trail for the children who rely on Canyon Acres charity for support. Globally, Keller Williams shuts down operations once a year for Red Day. RED, meaning Renew, Energize, and Donate, is clearly more than just a tip of the hat to the community: it is the backbone of a business. Buyers and sellers, take heed: more than just words, or apps, or price point, or contracts, with Blake and his Keller Williams team, there is commitment and continuity. Peace of mind and the promise of posterity.

“We need you to assume that by working with us we will fulfill much more than the terms of the buyer/broker agreement. We need you to know that everything is being done to find you the dream home, as real estate associates do not get paid until the sale is closed. By hiring the right agent, you’re looking at someone to share your goals with: your vision of the perfect future.”

Connect with Blake, Colleen and the Keller Williams team by calling (714) 510-1308 or stop by their offices at 19631 Yorba Linda Blvd. in Yorba Linda.

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