Bare Bunny Aesthetics

Alysse Valiante

Baring Your Best Self at Surf’s City’s Premier Wellness Spa

The work and sacrifice that goes into being a mother is invaluable; but often when we look in the mirror the meter at which we measure falls short.

Motherhood begins a journey that is unlike any other. From the tiny miracle of life that begins inside the womb, to the day they enter the world and cling in utter dependence; a woman endures and gives at every capacity. The physical and emotional changes that come along with the gestational months and years of raising babies, are both beautiful and challenging.

Owner Rebecca Pâté

As a mom of two littles under two, I look in the mirror and see a body that has birthed two babies. A body that now chases them around, carries them, teaches them, and invests in them. A body that craves the same care and attention that it gives out.

So when I found Bare Bunny Aesthetics, Surf City’s newest wellness spa, I immediately thought, ‘This is a Momma’’s dream!’ Owner Rebecca “Becca” Pate is a mom of five boys and a baby girl and understands firsthand what it’s like to endure pregnancy and face the postpartum dilemma of desiring that pre-baby body.

Becca is absolutely delightful and she and her whole team are incredibly knowledgeable and take every aspect of your wellness into consideration. From evaluating your nutritional needs to skincare and bodycare. Bare Bunny offers services that tend to every treasured and trying area. Their main goal is to approach every area of wellness and get you on a plan to living into the healthiest YOU possible.

From Hydrafacials for glowing skin to anti-aging services to tend to those tired eyes. Yelp Reviews rave of knowledgeable staff, amazing energy, top quality products, and phenomenal ability to diagnose any skin type! Allison E shares ,” I consider myself a facial enthusiast. Bare Bunny is hands down the most thorough, most hydrating, most rewarding facial I have ever gotten!”. She continues on to state that even with a lot of congestion in her skin, they tend to every spot individually. ”So gratifying to leave with glowing skin that lasts!” What a gift for the days of no makeup to still feel beautiful in your skin.

Offering Endermologie, a non-invasive method designed to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Not only does it smooth and reduce fatty tissue, but it has been known to decrease pain while increasing circulation. Jessica Shakir shares, “I absolutely LOVE the way endermologie and the infrared heating wraps make my body feel. I deal with quite a bit of nerve and muscular pain so this combo has been a saving grace for me as I heal! I’m re-energized after every treatment and I always seem to be asking myself, Why don’t I come in more often?!”

Emsculpt Neo offers even better muscle building and fat reduction results. It’s been clinically shown to reduce fat more effectively than cryolipolysis treatments like CoolSculpting. Just four treatments can yield visible results. Each treatment is equivalent to doing 20,000 contractions! It would take a year to get these results in a gym in just one thirty minute session. Time is precious and alone time is slim, investing in a service that gets you in and out with quick, incredible results is a big win for any busy mom!

So whether it’s a few treatments to get you on track and feeling tighter, or an entire wellness upgrade from the inside out, Bare Bunny Aesthetics is here for all the OC mommas. You are invaluable and deserve to stand proud of what you see in the mirror.

Bare Bunny Aesthetics
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