Pain Management: Understanding Your Options

Q & A with Cyrus Sedaghat, MD, Pacific Pain Clinic Pain produces a significant emotional, physical, and economic toll due toongoing health care expenses, lost income and lost productivity. More importantly, for individuals living in pain, their quality of life is substantially impacted. To alleviate pain, options range from conservative, non-invasive procedures (including therapies and […]

Surf City Segway – Time to “Coast the Coast’’

Ever since I first saw a police officer don his helmet and mount the newly popular Segway to navigate the city streets downtown in Huntington Beach, I have been dying to take one of those motorized, two-wheelers for a spin. The Segway looks like loads of fun and as luck would have it, riding one […]

OC Spa & Wellness Center

by Jody Robinson Isn’t it ironic that the first things you cut when times get tough are the very things that help you feel a little bit better about how tough times are? For instance, when was the last time you had a massage? One of the perks of publishing HB Magazine is that I […]

How Do You Know if You Really Have Low T?

by Robert Pugach, MD Low T or andropause, is increasingly recognized as a significant health issue for men. By age 40, 15% of men are deficient in testosterone. Many men describe a variety of symptoms including: • Lack of energy – feeling tired at the start of each day or as your day progresses • […]

Street Hockey: The Newest League at The Rinks

by Jody Robinson Hockey continues to grow in Southern California, with a record number of youth and adult players participating in ice and roller hockey programs – and now there is Street Hockey. The inaugural season of the Youth Street Hockey League kicked off this summer at The Rinks – Huntington Beach Inline with four […]

SPOTLIGHT ON: The Best Western Westminster Inn

As the leader in hospitality in Westminster, the Best Western Westminster Inn is planting many seeds for the growth of tourism in Westminster. As the Westminster Chamber of Commerce President, Best Western Westminster Inn Owner Syed Shah is dedicated to strengthening the local business community. “As a gatekeeper to the city, our hotel has the […]

Do You CrossFit?

New high-intensity exercise program explodes in the Huntington Beach market As recently as seven years ago, very few people Orange County area had ever heard of CrossFit. When CrossFitHB opened in 2005, it was the first CrossFit gym within a 70 mile radius. Michael Smith, who co-owns CrossFitHB with Theresa Schwartz, said people get “addicted” to […]

One Student, One Teacher

How Halstrom Academy designs academic paths for individual success When you stop and think about it, traditional schools are strangely amazing. Put hundreds, often thousands, of pre-teens or teens into a few square acres and a handful of buildings, with a 40:1 ratio of students to adults and only their also-developing peers to whom they might […]

The Lazy Dog Café

There was no better place to be on a warm summer day, sheltered by the shade of the terrace, reclining in a patio chair and enjoying the company of my dad and our Golden Retriever Bucky. No, we weren’t at the park or hanging out in the back yard; rather, we were out for lunch […]

Ms. Unfettered

She might look just like anyone else but make no mistake; Katy Fetters isn’t your average girl. Besides her beautiful blonde locks, athletic figure and knockout smile, Katy is a serious dose of courage and inspiration for many, many teens across the world. Katy’s the voice behind the very popular blog:, a site that […]