Villa Rosa: Memory Care with a Personal Touch

by Crystal Nay When visitors step into Villa Rosa, a memory care facility in Costa Mesa, CA, they’re met with something special—a welcoming environment, a caring staff, and a fresh-baked brownie. There aren’t many places that extend the same greeting, and Villa Rosa knows that it’s those personal touches that set it apart. “The simple […]

Monkey House Café

Gourmet eats, premium drinks, uncommon gifts and special events worth sharing by Betsy Sanz • photography by Rick Poon There is nothing more satisfying than stumbling upon a hidden gem, especially where food is involved. Big restaurants widely advertised are easy to find and sometimes worth a visit, but discovering that independent establishment or that […]

Absolutely Fabulous

Surf City’s Most Unique Gifts & Décor Boutique photography by Lana Farfan, Caught in the Moment Photography Diane Silverstein had never heard of the show “Absolutely Fabulous” when she named her aptly-titled gifts and décor boutique in central Huntington Beach. But the fun-loving, irreverent, blonde, champagne-promoting show does give a glimpse into what makes Absolutely […]

“The One ‘Muscle’ We ALL Need To Work On More Often”

by Paul and Carolyn Fetters irst and foremost, I want to give you a BIG “thank you” for being a loyal reader. I wouldn’t be here without your support. Every couple of months, I get a chance to enter your home, and hopefully impart with you a little bit of knowledge that you can take […]

Where Will Your Retirement Money Come From?

by Ken Earwood For many people, retirement income may come from a variety of sources. Here’s a quick review of the six main sources: Tip: Retiring Older During the past year, one survey found 22% of workers have changed the age at which they expect to retire. The vast majority said they plan to retire […]

Pain Management: Understanding Your Options

Q & A with Cyrus Sedaghat, MD, Pacific Pain Clinic Pain produces a significant emotional, physical, and economic toll due toongoing health care expenses, lost income and lost productivity. More importantly, for individuals living in pain, their quality of life is substantially impacted. To alleviate pain, options range from conservative, non-invasive procedures (including therapies and […]

Surf City Segway – Time to “Coast the Coast’’

Ever since I first saw a police officer don his helmet and mount the newly popular Segway to navigate the city streets downtown in Huntington Beach, I have been dying to take one of those motorized, two-wheelers for a spin. The Segway looks like loads of fun and as luck would have it, riding one […]

OC Spa & Wellness Center

by Jody Robinson Isn’t it ironic that the first things you cut when times get tough are the very things that help you feel a little bit better about how tough times are? For instance, when was the last time you had a massage? One of the perks of publishing HB Magazine is that I […]

How Do You Know if You Really Have Low T?

by Robert Pugach, MD Low T or andropause, is increasingly recognized as a significant health issue for men. By age 40, 15% of men are deficient in testosterone. Many men describe a variety of symptoms including: • Lack of energy – feeling tired at the start of each day or as your day progresses • […]

Street Hockey: The Newest League at The Rinks

by Jody Robinson Hockey continues to grow in Southern California, with a record number of youth and adult players participating in ice and roller hockey programs – and now there is Street Hockey. The inaugural season of the Youth Street Hockey League kicked off this summer at The Rinks – Huntington Beach Inline with four […]